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Running Fedora on Macbook Pro 2019


Running linux on niche hardware can always prove troublesome…and since I have my own website and don’t want to forget how I resolved some of these random issues, I’m just going to plug this here for later use and also…It might help someone else down the road.

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Trying to install Fedora 37 on my Macbook Pro 2019 15″

How to

First, to install, I found this specific release here:

This helps with the trackpad and keyboard working out of the box. BUT….wifi was my biggest issue. In the meantime, after you’ve installed Fedora, you’ll need a USB wifi adapter to complete the broadcom chipset install.

To complete the wifi fix, I finally found this: – Took me a few days before I finally stumbled upon this. The key thing here is that when you run lspci -vnn | grep Network you need to take note of what device you have. Mine specifically was the bcm4364 device 14e:4464 so just take note of that. Yours may be different and in turn, you may need to copy different files from that github link that the j3ffyang site mentions. I just cloned the whole repo locally and then did sudo cp 4364 /lib/firmware/brcm but make sure you are in the directory where all those lib files are.


That’s it! If this helped, let me know!

First try with flexible filament

I decided to purchase some sample flexible filament to see if my printer could handle it without any modifications.  I decided not to go with the Ninjaflex as I would most likely have to modify my extruder (bowden style) and tube as it might be too flexible.  I ended up going with the Sainsmart brand….just purchased some clear off of Amazon.

All I did was turn the heat up a little (205 deg) and slow the speed down to 30mms.  No heated bed on my printer…just did my typical glue-stick and I am highly impressed with how my prints came out!  I started with just a hexagon shape just to see what would happen and then got more adventurous with an iPhone 6 case.  Came out amazing!  Ended up going with 3 layers on top and bottom and 2 layers for the shell.

Only problem is, I don’t have an iPhone 6, =(  I am sporting the Samsung Note 4 currently (I’m an Android guy at heart) but couldn’t find anything on Thingiverse that looked like a good print for this and it would take me forever to design my own.  Going to take these cases in to work and have some co-workers give them a try.  Might post an update.

Google and Waze now integrated!

Android users and iOS users of Google Maps are about to get a nice little feature added to the app.  Maps will now show live traffic info for a route via their acquired company Waze!  You can read more about it here.

External Power Supply on older iMacs!

So, I got an older g5 iMac for free from my brother-in-law because it was acting up on him. When I first got it, it worked fine for me! But after a few months, it would just start shutting down randomly…and eventually it wouldn’t turn on at all.