Clear Dial ~ Intuitive Google Voice Client for Windows Phone

Clear Dial is an intuitive Google Voice app for Windows Phone.

The purpose of this app is to improve Google Voice functionality for Windows Phone. If you have ideas or input, do let me know!

To visit the app in the Windows Phone Marketplace, click here.

To download the Windows version of the Notifier, click here.

To download the Java jar version of the Notifier, click here.

Notifications ~ Unique to ClearDial, notifications and log-in info are stored directly on your phone rather than on unknown servers. Clear Dial handles notifications by a client application (Windows or Java) that you download and have running on your computer. Simply install the app on your phone, then go into ‘Settings’ to get your ‘Device ID’ and enter that into the configurations of your Windows or Linux client. The only piece of info that is stored on my servers is your Device ID and the Microsoft Notification URL (unique to you) so that the Client application knows how to send your phone the notification.

Google Contacts ~ Chances are that if you are using Google Voice, you are using multiple phones…in which case, all of your contacts may not be the same across all of these phones. With the dialer in Clear Dial, you can access your Windows Phone contacts along with your Google Voice contacts! To access your Windows Phone contacts, simply tap on the ‘contacts’ icon at the bottom of the dialer. To access your Google Voice contacts, simply start typing in their name using the numbers on the keypad of the dialer and your contacts will start to populate just above the keypad.

Canned Texts ~ Have sayings or phrases that you type a lot? Store them as a canned message to be re-used whenever you want. While typing a new text, you can click on the ‘canned text’ icon at the bottom to bring you to your ‘canned texts’ list. Add and delete canned texts as you wish. When you tap on a canned text, it will be added to the end of your current message.

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