ClearDial – Java/Linux Notifier

ClearDial Notifier for Java/Linux

The Java Notifier for ClearDial is to be used along side the ClearDial app for Windows Phone. It is required in order for your Windows Phone to receive notifications.

You can download the jar and settings file by clicking here.

This is a straight forward jar file to run on any Linux machine.  No GUI involved…it simply looks at the settings file.  The jar file and settings.xml file need to be in the same folder. Simply open up the settings.xml and fill out the settings as you like.  This was compiled against Java 6 so I can’t guarantee it works with Java 7.

I would recommend having this run as a cron-job on your Linux server.  I have mine set to launch ever minute (within the cron-job) and in my settings file, I tell it to run 4 times in intervals of 10 seconds.

Let me know if you have questions or troubles in the comments below.  Thanks.

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