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Lots of action this year for CES

Be sure to keep up with what is going on at CES with Engadget’s page (  A lot of cool stuff and updates are on display this year.  2014 could be a very big leap forward with the merge of tablets and PCs!

Minuum Keyboard for Android

I really like the concept of this keyboard,
any Android users out there trying it?

Google and Waze now integrated!

Android users and iOS users of Google Maps are about to get a nice little feature added to the app.  Maps will now show live traffic info for a route via their acquired company Waze!  You can read more about it here.

Dell Streak

I’m definitely excited about the Dell Streak coming out. Even though it’s going to be a fairly large “phone”, it’s going to be a nice little powerhouse with a beautiful display. It may not be as beautiful as the iPhone 4 but I’m not convinced the average eye will ever notice a difference.

Now, something that I see people talking a lot about is the price tag. $500 for an unlocked phone…that is not bad people! I don’t see what the gripe is about! Typically, when you sign up with your carrier, you get a discount anyways. The iPhone 4 unlocked 16gb sells for $599. Now, the Dell streak only comes with 2gb built in but it has a microSD slot expandable up to 32gb and the price of SD cards are cheap! Sooo…I don’t see the fuss.

What do you think?