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Lots of action this year for CES

Be sure to keep up with what is going on at CES with Engadget’s page (  A lot of cool stuff and updates are on display this year.  2014 could be a very big leap forward with the merge of tablets and PCs!

Dell Streak

I’m definitely excited about the Dell Streak coming out. Even though it’s going to be a fairly large “phone”, it’s going to be a nice little powerhouse with a beautiful display. It may not be as beautiful as the iPhone 4 but I’m not convinced the average eye will ever notice a difference.

Now, something that I see people talking a lot about is the price tag. $500 for an unlocked phone…that is not bad people! I don’t see what the gripe is about! Typically, when you sign up with your carrier, you get a discount anyways. The iPhone 4 unlocked 16gb sells for $599. Now, the Dell streak only comes with 2gb built in but it has a microSD slot expandable up to 32gb and the price of SD cards are cheap! Sooo…I don’t see the fuss.

What do you think?