Monthly Archives: June 2010

Dell Streak

I’m definitely excited about the Dell Streak coming out. Even though it’s going to be a fairly large “phone”, it’s going to be a nice little powerhouse with a beautiful display. It may not be as beautiful as the iPhone 4 but I’m not convinced the average eye will ever notice a difference.

Now, something that I see people talking a lot about is the price tag. $500 for an unlocked phone…that is not bad people! I don’t see what the gripe is about! Typically, when you sign up with your carrier, you get a discount anyways. The iPhone 4 unlocked 16gb sells for $599. Now, the Dell streak only comes with 2gb built in but it has a microSD slot expandable up to 32gb and the price of SD cards are cheap! Sooo…I don’t see the fuss.

What do you think?

Not so well known Android apps

I’ve been tooling around the Android OS Market and have been finding some extremely handy apps that haven’t been getting enough attention (in my personal geeky opinion).  So, I decided to pick a few that I find useful or just plain fun and go through them.  What makes them even better is that they are all free!