Clear Dial ~ Intuitive Google Voice Client for Windows Phone

Clear Dial is an intuitive Google Voice app for Windows Phone.

The purpose of this app is to improve Google Voice functionality for Windows Phone. If you have ideas or input, do let me know!

To visit the app in the Windows Phone Marketplace, click here.

To download the Windows version of the Notifier, click here.

To download the Java jar version of the Notifier, click here.

Notifications ~ Unique to ClearDial, notifications and log-in info are stored directly on your phone rather than on unknown servers. Clear Dial handles notifications by a client application (Windows or Java) that you download and have running on your computer. Simply install the app on your phone, then go into ‘Settings’ to get your ‘Device ID’ and enter that into the configurations of your Windows or Linux client. The only piece of info that is stored on my servers is your Device ID and the Microsoft Notification URL (unique to you) so that the Client application knows how to send your phone the notification.

Google Contacts ~ Chances are that if you are using Google Voice, you are using multiple phones…in which case, all of your contacts may not be the same across all of these phones. With the dialer in Clear Dial, you can access your Windows Phone contacts along with your Google Voice contacts! To access your Windows Phone contacts, simply tap on the ‘contacts’ icon at the bottom of the dialer. To access your Google Voice contacts, simply start typing in their name using the numbers on the keypad of the dialer and your contacts will start to populate just above the keypad.

Canned Texts ~ Have sayings or phrases that you type a lot? Store them as a canned message to be re-used whenever you want. While typing a new text, you can click on the ‘canned text’ icon at the bottom to bring you to your ‘canned texts’ list. Add and delete canned texts as you wish. When you tap on a canned text, it will be added to the end of your current message.

12 thoughts on “ClearDial

  1. “Google Voice will be calling you shortly”
    i have the same message as carlos
    i’m not sure how “it works as a charm” as it does not work at all
    any help?

    • Hello Bob,

      In the settings of the app, there is a spot to put the cell number you wish it to actually “ring” when you go to make calls. Make sure you have an actual cell or home number there and not your Google Voice number as that is the number Google Voice will call to connect you. Also, this number has to be on that is registered with your Google Voice account. A good test is to login to your GV account online ( and make sure you can have it ring the number there.

      Let me know how it goes. I’m sure we’ll figure it out.



      • Sean,

        I have the same issue. My cell number is what is listed in the app when I check the settings. I am unsure of what to do.

        • Hello Keishonda,

          Sorry for the late reply on this, it ended up getting marked as spam by the filter.

          Are you still having issues with this? Sometimes you have to log into your Google Voice account via the web after trying it on your phone to allow the new device to connect.


  2. I tried to call but it says: “Google Voice will be calling you shortly” when I try to call a contact. Aside from that it works like a charm..

  3. I have yet to get this to work on my WP8. It does not send texts, or carry on a google voice phone conversation. There also is NO HELP built into the app.

    • Hey Scott,

      Sorry you’re having troubles with the app. I do have the ‘Help’ section in the app along with the introduction of how things work when you first open the app.

      As for the issues you’re running into, have you logged into your Google Voice account from a computer since trying the app? Sometimes, Google wants you to approve a new device accessing your account.

      Also, if you’ve just signed up for Google Voice, you might need to continue the setup. I know that when I set it up originally for my brother-in-law, it was only a calling account and didn’t support SMS and voice-mails right out of the gate.

      Let me know if you keep having trouble. We’ll figure it out.


  4. Oh…and to answer your part about why the phone can’t check…I could set a scheduler on your phone that would check every so often…but it wouldn’t be able to check frequently and it would drain your battery.


  5. Why do I need the application on my computer to check and send notifications?

    It sounds a lot like spyware! Offer an explanation at why my phone is incapable of checking voice servers, but is capable of checking my computer, assumingly through your server.

    • Hello Brian,

      Thanks for the comment.

      My two client versions are definitely not spam. All they do is check (at the interval you specify) your google voice account for new unread messages..when they find one, they send the notification directly to your phone…NOT to my server. All my server does is log your phone’s unique ID (the device ID) and the Microsoft Notification URL. Because the Notification URL will change from time to time, my server just keeps track…so that way, when you do get a new google voice message, the client version gets the latest and greatest URL to send it to.

      Try it out…use a packet sniffer (wireshark) and you’ll find I’m telling the truth.

      Do let me know if you have any other questions.


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