A New Demension of Spyware

If you take a look at the link below, you will see that the people who have nothing but time on their hands have come up with creative/appalling new way of spreading spyware.


If you’re not very tech savvy, some of the article will not make sense to you but the jist of it is this:These people, first took pictures of cars in a parking lot in North Dakota…they then made up fake flyers, leaving them on people’s cars claiming that the person is in some sort of parking violation.  The flyer instructs the person to go visit a website for more details about this violation.  Of course, when you go to this website, it instructs you to download some program to help see more photos of the violators vehicle.  This program is a piece of malicious software that continues to provide false advertisements.

It’s just crazy that now, people are being tricked into these things through the physical world and not just the internet.  It’s one thing to receive an e-mail claiming that it is something legit…but now, when you receive a flyer like this…it’s in your hands…it just makes it harder to think that this is something fake.

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