Free Useful Programs

There are tons of free programs out there that are very useful and great alternatives to some of the high cost competitors.  You would be amazed at the wide variety of software people are putting out for one of 2 reasons.  1) to get their company or personal name out there as a developer or […]

A New Demension of Spyware

If you take a look at the link below, you will see that the people who have nothing but time on their hands have come up with creative/appalling new way of spreading spyware. If you’re not very tech savvy, some of the article will not make sense to you but the jist of it […]

Spam / Malware

Spam and Malware can slow down your computer like crazy and just leaves you wondering why it’s so slow! These are programs that are running in the background, taking up your computer’s resources. How did I get this stuff on my computer? Simply by browsing the internet. You don’t even realize it but by going […]

Getting Started

My name is Sean Dutton and I am a professional software developer.  I toy with all sorts of coding & database languages from C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, MySQL all the way to vbscript.  This site is meant as a resource for local Waterboro residents as well as people across the globe to help understand how […]