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Free Useful Programs

There are tons of free programs out there that are very useful and great alternatives to some of the high cost competitors.  You would be amazed at the wide variety of software people are putting out for one of 2 reasons.  1) to get their company or personal name out there as a developer or 2) simply to provide an alternative to high priced programs

So, are you wondering what these programs are and how to get them?  Let’s take a look!

A New Demension of Spyware

If you take a look at the link below, you will see that the people who have nothing but time on their hands have come up with creative/appalling new way of spreading spyware.

If you’re not very tech savvy, some of the article will not make sense to you but the jist of it is this:

Spam / Malware

Spam and Malware can slow down your computer like crazy and just leaves you wondering why it’s so slow! These are programs that are running in the background, taking up your computer’s resources.

How did I get this stuff on my computer?
Simply by browsing the internet. You don’t even realize it but by going to websites that you use to keep tabs on sporting events, look up information, catch up on television shows…these sites will have pop-ups

Getting Started

My name is Sean Dutton and I am a professional software developer.  I toy with all sorts of coding & database languages from C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, MySQL all the way to vbscript.  This site is meant as a resource for local Waterboro residents as well as people across the globe to help understand how to use their computers to the best of their abilities whether it be with software or electronics. I love tinkering with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Using a computer isn’t that hard once you understand how it works.   If there is a question you have,  please feel free to e-mail me ( and I will respond promptly!

Also,  take note that the  ‘Search’  bar to your right can be your best friend!    I hope that this blog becomes a great resource and as more information becomes available,  the  ‘Search’  bar will help you find it the quickest.

On a personal note

Located in Waterboro, our small business is comprised of my wife and I.   Computer work is not just work to me;  it’s also my hobby.   I’ve enjoyed using them,  working on them,  dissecting them,  and piecing them together for many years.

In addition to working on computers,  I am the worship leader at Lakeside Community Church.  When I am not fiddling around with a computer,  I am playing my guitar.   If you are looking for a church,  definitely try out Lakeside.   Much of who my wife and I are is defined by our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please contact me with any needs or questions.   I love meeting new people. Growing up with a dad in the Coast Guard got me used to moving around and meeting many new faces – something I still enjoy.
Hello Everyone!

My name is Sean Dutton and I am a Technical Contractor for a wide variety of computer hardware and software. I also do PHP and MySQL web design.

I am hoping that this blog will become a great resource for people who need information from general computer use to complex software setup and even web design.

If there is a question you would like answered on this blog, please e-mail me and I will follow up with you.

I appreciate your time and thank you for visiting!